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About Withers Knives

     Thank you for visiting Withers knives.  My name is Tim Withers and I currently live in Linden California.  I have four daughters: Ashley, Morgan, Katie and Lacie.  I have been married for over twenty years to my wife Cassey.  I am a commercial plumbing project manager and started making knives in my spare time.  

     I have been interested in knives since I was a kid.  My dad would give me knives that he would pick up, and this began my little collection.  A few years ago, I went shopping for pocket knives and saw so many that I liked that I decided to make my own.  I started by reading several books and then buying equipment.  I completed my first knife in March 2011.  

     I now make fighters, hunters, and utilities - all fixed blades.  Soon, I intend to begin making folders.  The steels I use right now are ATS-34, 440C and 1095.  I do my own heat treating and test every blade with my Rockwell hardness tester.  Each knife I make comes with a quality leather sheath that I also make here in my shop.  

      I have won "best fighter" at Expo 2013 in Pasadena.  I also won the "Judges Award" at the Expo 2015.